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M8 Scott HMC

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M8 Scott HMC US Army 402013013M8 Scott HMC US Army 402013013


Based on the ubiquitous M5 Stuart light tank hull, the M8 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC) provided much needed mobile artillery support to US assault forces. Replacing the M5 Stuart turret with a more spacious open-topped turret to house a short-barrelled M2 (and later the M3) 75mm howitzer and a mix of smoke and high explosive ammunition. A pintle-mounted .50 Cal heavy machine gun provided additional defensive firepower.

Named after the American Civil War general, Winfield Scott, the M8 saw action in North African, Tunisian, North West Europe, Italian and Pacific campaigns in World War II as well as during the Indochina and Vietnam wars. Fielded almost exclusively by US Army or USMC forces, a total of 1,778 M8 Scott HMCs were produced. The M8 was increasingly replaced in the self-propelled artillery role by the M7 Priest and the M4 Sherman with 105mm howitzer – the M8s open-topped turret would continue to be utilised on the support version of the LVT(A)-4 amphibious craft.

Contains 1 Plastic Vehicle, Decals, Stats Cards and Damage Markers

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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M8 Scott HMC US Army 402013013

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M8 Scott HMC US Army 402013013

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